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What We Do
Experts in ethical pest control
Race City Termite & Pest Control is a locally owned and opperated company.  We strive to support the local economy by providing excellent customer service and dependable, effective pest control.
Owner, George Lee, is a Veterian of Foreign War and is a 'Lake Norman Native'.
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Our Services
We provide safe, effect pest control for your home or business.
  1. Pest Control
    We can eliminate any pest from your home or property. This service includes all types of insects and rodents that can invade your home.
  2. Termite Treatment & Inspection
    We recommend annual Wood Destroying Pest Inspections for your home or business annually. WDIR Reports can be provided for the sale or purchase of your home. When a problem is present we will provide recommendations for treatment and give accurate quotes for our service.
  3. Moisture & Pest Barriers Snake Removal
    Excess moisture can cause damage to your home's support structure. Our expertly installed barriers help maintain your home's value. We can place barriers over access points in your home to help prevent access to rodents, such as: bats & squirrels.
Bagworms can cause sever damage to landscape plants by defoliating branches that alter plant shape and habit.  Monitering for bagworms is easy when the bags are large and easy to spot on your trees and shrubs.  Eliminating this pest is important to the health of your plants since the larve feed on the leaves of the plants and can eventually kill the plant due to loss of follage.  If you see this pest just give us a call to schedule service to save your yard!!